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1337 curriculum

In a world that is constantly changing, especially in terms of digital technology, whoever can accurately foretell the technology of tomorrow is quite the clever cat.


At 1337, this is something we grasped a long time ago. Instead of locking students into learning a set of coding languages that will be obsolete by the time they graduate, we designed the Treize, Trente-Sept curriculum around 5 major themes broken down into 17 skill sets that are all business-oriented. These skills all share the same bedrock: the capacity to adapt, to learn… The idea is to be able to face all these new challenges that will definitely arise over the course of the training.

Even if the 1337 curriculum contains some mandatory steps, students construct their own curriculum throughout their school career. Many traditional themes are addressed with the aim of developing the skill sets that they contain.


Code is the core of 1337. App development is the driver of our digital life. The most important technical skills are therefore covered, providing everyone with the best foundations for a successful professional insertion. These foundations make it possible to understand any programming language, and each student can develop their own programming “mindset”.


For a company, innovation is paramount. If it does not innovate, it is doomed to die. For Treize, Trente-Sept students, thinking differently and adapting are the key words to be in this perspective of innovation and best adapt to the professional world. This is why some projects are specifically designed to develop this innovation skill throughout the learning process.


If code is important in digital matters, infrastructures and the different types of architectures also require skills to be efficiently and securely managed. What is a computer fleet composed of, with what types of connection, what speed…? And most importantly, how to respond as quickly as possible to prevent a problem and fix a breakdown. The hardware is of paramount importance to the students. They must be able to rely on technique to develop their abilities.

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