Professional Insertion

To successfully join the corporate world, there is nothing more efficient or instructive than getting into it early on in the program.

Treize, Trente-Sept offers internship opportunities in the corporate world so that you can, be confronted with market requirements.

These internship periods are implemented during two periods of your academic program.

After completing a third of the academic program and at its completion. These “breaks” in the academic program constitute an opportunity to put everything you have learnt into practice and to complete the education program with hands-on field experience

For the internships at the end of the course, you will be able to work through your schedule to do your internship and continue your education at school.

To help students in their company search, 1337 uses its network of partners and organizes fairs, conferences and meetings, as well as hackathons throughout the year. You can do your internship anywhere in the world. In Morocco, or abroad.

#1 - After About One Year

Mandatory internship of 4 to 6 months

Once you have completed one third of the academic program, you will have the opportunity to experience professional insertion. This will allow you to put what you have already learnt into practice.

#2 - After About Two Years

Optional part-time internship

Two-thirds into the academic program, you will have yet another opportunity to enter the job market. You can discover new opportunities while enhancing your skills.

#3 - At The Very End Of The Program

Mandatory 6-month internship

You’ve almost made it. The final stretch before the end of your academic program, this internship will be completed at the very end of your study period. It will be an opportunity to demonstrate your motivation and the extent of your achievements.

Remember, internship periods depend on students’ individual progress and can slide over several months depending on the profiles.