Peer-Learning, a perfectly identified educational purpose

No professors, no classes…. At Treize, Trente-Sept, you are in control of your learning. Thanks to peer-learning the school is open 24/7. You can come as you please, at any time of the day or night, including on weekends and holidays.

You are in charge of your success and that of your peers. The entire study course is hands-on and project-based. No academic courses where students’ attention wanders every 10 minutes. Your progress is in your own hands and that of your group.

Peer-learning breaks down barriers between students and professors. It is only by joining our forces that the training can be a success.


The foundation of peer-learning is collaborative work. Students must challenge each other, share and learn from one another. Just like in any other project, there will be some reluctance, uncertainties, doubts and inquiries on the way forward to achieve the desired outcome. These are questions you will constantly ask yourself when working with your group.
They will keep you going and sharpen your skills, not by replicating the academic models or learning them by heart, but rather through research, experimenting and defending your ideas. You need to be ready to embark on a quest for knowledge, share ideas with your peers and not wait for your teachers to provide all the answers.


Once projects are turned in, it’s not over yet. It’s now time for assessments. Unlike ANY conventional grading system, student projects are assessed by peers. An inter-student self-assessment system is established where the assessors closely examine the project and assess it according to the very nature of the project and to a corresponding grading scale. There are no scores, just a dialogue. This exchange makes it possible to identify from the outset the issues a project may have to address them rapidly.
You are also invited to defend your points of view. After all, we are all humans and we may see things very differently.
In the end, a grade is given to reflect all the previous assessments.


Peer Pedagogy replaces the notion of traditional education. All students take on the role of “trainers” and “learners”, placing themselves at the heart of the learning system. In that respect, students will naturally have the possibility of submitting their projects to others. Regardless if the project is based on skills acquired prior to joining the school or on a totally new field. The school and its community will have access to a vast and rich set of projects, that conduce experimenting and learning. The different profiles and the number of students are the core strength of Treize, Trente-Sept. Each and every student can leave their mark on the school’s history and maybe even on the world of new technology.

Ready to take the challenge ?