What Kind Of Job Can You Land After Graduation?

Maybe you’ll create your own job?

What Comes After Treize, Trente-sept?

Far from being a joke, this situation is a true reflection of reality. It is impossible to know today what the digital needs of the near future will be. It is therefore difficult to place digital jobs in predefined boxes.The 1337 curriculum is in touch with the world, the trends and the market. Since the program that is offered does not confine students to a well-defined, standardized curriculum, anything and everything is possible… which leads us to think that some students will be hired for jobs that still don’t exist!The skills acquired at Treize, Trente-Sept give you access to several different jobs, without losing sight of technology and technique. Your skills are implemented by emphasizing their complementarity, with the help of practical projects, and it is not possible to head into a dead end. When you graduate from 1337, you are open to the IT world and its huge possibilities, you are taking the lead in the future of the digital sectors, whether they already exist or are yet to be invented.