The school is totally free. No registration or tuition fees will be required during the program. Remember, depending on your status, you may need to pay for student social security contributions.

Conditions for access

The only condition that we have set. For the current admissions period, each candidate must be between 18 and 30 years old (inclusive) on November 1st of the year of their admission.

If you are underage, you can take the admissions and Pool tests if you are in your senior year in high school; this is the only exception to the rule.

We encourage all candidates who recently became adults and who are still in school, to complete their high school education rather than give everything up to attend Treize, Trente-Sept. Although the school accepts students without any degree requirements, the goal is not for you to drop out from school.

Online tests

Your admission to 1337 starts with the website Register with your email address and follow the procedure using a desktop computer that is updated on a regular basis.

You will undergo logic and memory tests to ensure that you have the required capabilities to join us.


Once you have passed the online tests, come check-in at the premises of 1337 in Khouribga.

Check-in is a key step that no one can do on your behalf. You must complete it before selecting a pool, regardless of your situation. The check-in dates are mentioned in your application space: new time slots are added throughout the year.

If you attend one of our Meetings and Workshops days during the year, you are among the lucky few who are exempt from check-in. The dates of the Meetings and Workshops days are displayed on the school’s website and all our social media.

The pool

The "pool" is a 4-week immersion in the coding world. Just like a marathon runner, you will take a deep dive. Every day, weekends included during a month, you will be working on IT projects. At the same time, you get to know fellow applicants, submit and evaluate projects. The “pool” program is like a fresh start. An opportunity to start a new and no need to have IT knowledge to start. The only prerequisite… is to know how to use a computer.

A full immersion which allows us to identify the most motivated applicants and confirm the capabilities of the “eligible” students in IT development. A unique opportunity to discover the school and its learning approaches, read more


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