What is 1337?2018-05-21T14:12:11+00:00

It’s the first coding school in Morocco. It is completely free of charge and accessible to all with no prerequisite of a degree.

What does 1337 mean?2018-05-21T14:13:05+00:00

13 37, pronounced Treize, Trente-Sept (Thirteen, Thirty-Seven) comes from Leet Speak. A special language that uses characters that are graphically adjacent to usual characters. Number “5” replaces the letter “S”, number “7” replaces the letter “T”, etc… L = 1, E=3, T=7. 1337 !

Why is the school free of charge?2018-05-21T14:13:33+00:00

The school’s ethos is to uncover new talents that don’t necessarily have access to prestigious schools without discriminatory criteria.

How do I enroll in the school?2018-05-21T14:19:50+00:00

Your admission to 1337 starts with the  1337.ma website. Register with your email address and follow the procedure using a desktop computer that is updated on a regular basis.

You will undergo logic and memory tests to ensure that you have the required capabilities to join us.

Why aren’t there any professors?2018-05-21T14:20:51+00:00

Treize, Trente-sept has adopted a method of education based on peer learning. The entire study course is hands-on and project-based.  Your progress is in your own hands and that of your group. You must therefore give as well as receive, so you will take on the role of a “trainer” and a “learner”.

Can I access the school premises whenever I want?2018-05-21T14:22:08+00:00

At Treize, Trente-Sept, you are in control of your learning. Thanks to peer-learning the school is open 24/7. You can come as you please, at any time of the day or night, including on weekends and holidays.

What is the link with 42 Paris?2018-05-21T14:16:29+00:00

We have a pedagogical partnership with 42, a school founded in 2013 in Paris and recognized as the best school worldwide by CodinGame.

Why is the school located in Khouribga?2018-05-21T14:23:22+00:00

Why not 🙂

Where is the school located?2018-05-21T14:17:33+00:00

About 1.5 hours away from Casablanca and 3 hours from Marrakech, Khouribga is a nice little city. Treize, Trente-Sept is located in the heart of an ideal place to study, as it is surrounded by parks and several cultural and sports infrastructures.