Our Campuses

Everything is in place to ensure the success of the students’ education. In addition to best-in-kind workstations, students will benefit from different spaces of common life of which and without exhaustiveness : a dedicated video-gaming area, a cafeteria, un amphitheater, a game room with foosball, pool tables, board games,…

The building is accessible 24/7.


About 1.5 hours away from Casablanca and 3 hours from Marrakech, Khouribga is a nice little city. Treize, Trente-Sept is located in the heart of Mail Central, an ideal place to study, as it is surrounded by parks and several cultural and sports infrastructures.

  • 300 iMacs
  • 2 Playgrounds
  • 8 Meeting Rooms
  • 32.882163, -6.897713 Mail Central, Mine verte

Ben Guerir

Ben Guérir campus will offer additional opportunities to young Moroccans and sub-Saharan African youth to evolve in an environment conducive to innovation and Peer Learning for professions of the future.

  • 300 iMacs
  • 2 Playgrounds
  • 8 Meeting Rooms
  • 32.2200065, -7.9399355 Université Mohammed VI Polytechnique


One hour away from Tangier, and near Cabo Negro, Our brand new Campus: 1337 MED, located at Tetouan Shore, right in the center of a unique ecosystem side to side with offshoring companies and educational centers. 1337 Med provides the best environment for learning and achieving fulfillment. With many green spaces and sports infrastructure extended over 12 000 m2.

  • 210 iMacs
  • 3 Playgrounds
  • 4 Meeting Rooms
  • 35.651137, -5.305944 Tetouan Shore


It’s impossible to talk about programming, without mentioning computers. 1337 invested heavily in computer equipment. No traditional classrooms, no orderly row seating to attend classes… No, the CLUSTER is the heart of the school, with no less than 300 workstations covering 2 entire floors and a staff available 24/7. Of course, all the computers are networked and benefit from the best bandwidth in the market.


Imagine a place where the sound of video games is mixed with the sound of guitar strings. A place where you can exchange ideas, play pool, board games or have a discussion about a project or a startup. The playground area offers 8 meeting rooms to work in groups and share knowledge, hold club meetings for any of the multiple clubs, it’s a space designed to maximize exchange and relaxation before diving again in coding.


We want you to focus on your curriculum and projects, but how can you do so on an empty stomach? That’s why meals are free at 1337.

Meetings rooms

One of many strengths of 1337 are the regular meetings held between students and entrepreneurs, CEOs and speakers from multiple disciplines. A Q&A session is held after every meeting to share real life tips and experiences.