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Each student progresses at their own pace. Undoubtedly, certain notions will be easier to assimilate for some students than others. This is why teachings at 1337 are “joined-up” over time. Here, everyone makes progress according to their own pace. And no one is ever late because the course is 100% individualized.


Treize, Trente-Sept plans on having a 3-year curriculum. This course duration is indicative and includes internships or part-time jobs in the corporate world. Depending on each student, the 3-year curriculum can be shortened or extended without any repercussions on the training. All the job search aspects once the course is completed are addressed during the training. As such, the benchmarks for student learning are expressed in the form of levels of experience rather than in years. Personal experience is what sets the pace for training at 1337.

Three years is the amount of time we deem necessary to learn how to innovate from a technological standpoint. It’s also the amount of time required to gain experience, through internships and professional experience. You’ll be able to take advantage of the unique opportunities offered by 1337 over the course of the year.


When you are in control of a project, you are encouraged to make further progress. For example, if during an internship, you had an opportunity to work on a new technology that allowed you to gain a certain experience in that field, you’ll be able to skip over that particular field and tackle other challenges without having to wait for your peers to catch up with you. On the other hand, if you feel like taking a deeper dive into the topic, there’s nothing stopping you from doing so.


Slicing time allows you to engage at your own pace. You can take all the time you need to carry out your project. The timing allocated to each project is an estimate of the necessary time to carry it out. You can stick to that allotted time, or you can also take the time you need to better understand and successfully carry out your project. You won’t be held back by your peers’ progress and you can always count on exchanges with other students to make progress.

In the same way, slicing time makes it possible to deal with the hazards of life…If you need to exceptionally put your training on stand-by, when you come back to Treize, Trente-Sept, you’ll find your projects right where you left them. It should be noted that to be in line with the imperatives of the corporate world, some projects will have established deadlines.

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